Book summary

Ten highly successful entrepreneurs tell you the secrets of doing business in a volatile emerging market where it’s anything but “business as usual.”

What’s Inside:


  • Inspiring personal success stories written in an easy-to-read “how to” format


  • A summary and key lesson at the end of each chapter


  • A detailed list of key skills for expat entrepreneurs


Whom You’ll Meet:

  • The author, a 9-11 survivor who rebuilt his life and his career in Argentina
  • An Irish playwright turned magazine publisher
  • An American entrepreneur who runs a multi-faceted wine and vineyard real estate enterprise
  • A French financial consultant reborn as a restaurateur
  • A Harvard-educated architect from Mexico who operates a rural boutique hotel
  • A big-dreaming mother and tour operator from California
  • A French woman raised in the Ivory Coast who runs a book-publishing company
  • A Spanish investment banker who founded one of Argentina’s most prestigious wineries
  • An American Hungarian couple who export the world’s only Malbec vodka to the United States and Europe
  • A Chinese-speaking Parisian who sells European winery equipment throughout Argentina

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